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Local Sightseeing near Kanyakumari Hotels

Kanyakumari is the one of the favorite tourist destinations in India. This famous tourist destination has many fascinating attractions for its tourists that depict the glorious past and the cultural beauty of the city. There are many mesmerizing tourist attractions near Kanyakumari Hotels that are worth visiting and exploring by all the visitors who visits Kanyakumari.

While Kanyakumari town has tourist places of its own, the district has many more, from centuries-old historic and religious sites to scenic places. The district is also rich in flora and fauna. A unique feature of Kanyakumari district is that it has all kinds of natural eco-systems. Thus, one can see beaches, mountain valleys, evergreen forests in the deep interior, rubber and clove plantations on the highlands, etc. - all in a 50 km radius of Nagercoil, the administrative headquarters of Kanyakumari District.

There are many tourist places near Hotels in Kanyakumari to marvel at, and your tour to Kanyakumari will definitely turn out to be a gratifying one. "The Gopinivas Grand" One of the Best Hotels Near Beach in Kanyakumari make arrangement to a tour for our guest. The following are the popular tourist places near Kanyakumari Hotels.

Tourist Places Near The Hotels in Kanyakumari

Are you excited to visit any of the famous tourist destinations in the country? If yes, venture into the city of Kanyakumari for this summer vacation. Located in the southern tip of Cardamon Hills, Kanyakumari is a place noted for its pilgrimage and tourism. Kanyakumari holds a large number of historical monuments, temples, 3 star hotels, beaches, evergreen forests and lush gardens all over the city. This pretty hamlet has been visited by more than thousands of domestic and international tourists across the world. Due to the increase in number of tourists, the Kanyakumari tourism Board has established many budget hotels in Kanyakumari in prime areas of the city.

Tourists who are planning to spend a holiday trip in the city have to get in touch with any of the tour agents to avail various packages. Now, let us have some of the popular tourist places near Kanyakumari hotels.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial
One of the most interesting places to visit in Kanyakumari is the Vivekananda Rock Memorial. Established in 1970, the memorial was mainly constructed to honour the Hindu spiritual teacher "Swami Vivekananda". Tourists should ensure to visit this important tourist place which is located at just 10 minutes from the Kanyakumari beach hotels. For the view of the public, the Vivekananda Rock Memorial is open on all days and attracts more customers. Inside the memorial, the people can see a meditation hall that houses a statute of Vivekananda.

Thiruvalluvar Statue
Thiruvalluvar Statue, the tall stone sculpture of the Tamil poet "Tiruvalluvar" is located near the Vivekananda Memorial. This monument is considered to be the treasure of the people of Kanyakumari. Tourists visit this tourist attraction to gain a greater insight about the various cultures and traditions of the heritage city. However, there are many prominent hotels in Kanyakumari located near the historic spot. Travelers have to just refresh Thiruvalluvar Statue.

Thiruparrapu Falls
Popularly known as Tiruparappu Falls, Thiruparrapu Falls is a picturesque tourist attraction located 13 km from Pechiparai Dam. It is believed that the water falls at a height of 50 feet during seven months in a year. If you are on a trip to Kanyakumari, then make sure to visit this beautiful falls with your beloved ones. Tourists who are planning for the trip has to book the outstanding hotels else it would be possible to relish in the waterfalls.

Thengapattinam Beach
Thengapattinam Beach, located on the west coast near Painkulam Village is adorned with coconut groves and white sand. This fine beach would enable the leisure lovers and adventure enthusiasts to experience an amazing holiday trip in the summer vacation. In the beach, you can try some of the water sports activities like boat riding and fishing. Apart from the beach, the people can visit the other tourist attractions of Kanyakumari like Nagaraja Temple, Gandhi Mandapam and Temple Amman.

Sothavilai Beach
Sothavilai Beach, one of the finest beaches in Kanyakumari has clear white sand and crystal water in the bottom of the sea. It is located at just 7 km from the main town and tourists can easily reach the spot through various mode of transport. Some of the preeminent Kanyakumari hotels are established near this beach area. Tourists can also watch the sunrise and sunsets in the beaches of the town. It is sure that people will be able to enjoy to a great extent.

Sanguthurai Beach
If you are excited to spend a relaxed holiday trip, then Sanguthurai Beach would be the ideal destination in Kanyakumari. The palm trees, white sand and calm environment of the beach attracts more than thousands of tourists during the year. Sanguthurai Beach was recently attacked by the Indian Ocean Tsunami and the police authorities managed the situation. They have implemented many preventive measures to protect the people of the city.

Historical Sights Near Kanyakumari Hotels

Kanyakumari, located on the southernmost point of the Indian Mainland is a beautiful holiday destination in India. Popularly known as Cape Comorin, Kanyakumari is well known for its spectacular sunsets, picturesque tourist attractions and beach hotels. The city is surrounded by three ocean bodies such as Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. If you are interested to enjoy your summer vacation, then Kanyakumari can turn your dreams into reality. Kanyakumari holds a number of budget hotels, 3 star hotels, 2 star hotels, resorts, guest houses and more.

Tourists should ensure to find the Kanyakumari hotels near beach with the way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature. Along with excellent accommodation, the heritage city is filled with a number of historical sights and tourist spots. If you are not aware of historical sights in Kanyakumari, then check below:

Kanyakumari Wax Museum
Situated in the Baywatch Amusement Park, Kanyakumari Wax Museum is considered to be the first museum opened in the year of 24th December 2005. This historical spot houses all the important figures of the Indian History and word history. Tourists who are visiting Kanyakumari have to make sure to check out this wax museum with their family. Near the museum, there are many famous Kanyakumari hotels which help to offer a comfortable accommodation for all range of travelers.

Vattakottai Fort
Vattakottai Fort, one of the popular historical spots is situated on the southern tip of India. It is believed that the fort was constructed under the command of Captain De Lannoy. Major renovation was made in the fort and it is currently protected by the Indian archaeological department. Tourists from all over the parts of the country visit the Vattakottai Fort with great thrill and enthusiasm.

Udayagiri Fort
Udayagiri Fort is a worth visiting site that is known for its magnificent structure and quite surrounding. Originally built in 1600s, the fort is exactly placed at a distance of 14 km from Nagercoil town in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu. If you are interested in visiting an ancient historical place, then Udayagiri Fort is the right destination. However, tourists need not worry about the accommodation options. You can find a number of affordable Kanyakumari hotels near the tourist spot.

Chitharal Jain Monuments
Chitharal Jain Monuments is an important historical monument which lies at 55 km from Kanyakumari. This monument holds a range of impressive rock shelters and idols used in the 9-11th century. It is estimated to know that the Jain monument is mainly constructed to honor the God and Goddess of the Jain community. Visiting this historical spot will enable the travelers to explore the values of their customers and enjoy the beauty of its rich look.

Gandhi Memorial Mandapam
Gandhi Memorial Mandapam is a place of historical importance. In the mandapam, the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were kept for public darshan before immersion in the sea. The entire building was constructed in Orissa Style of architecture. Gandhi Memorial Mandapam is also the major landmark of heritage city. Usually, the tourists visiting the mandapam would have a great peace of mind in the calm environment. Now, the building has been used by the Information and Public Relations Department of Tamil Nadu for its office.

Therefore, tourists can have a great fun and pleasure in the land of paradise with their friends and family. Some of the finest hotels in Kanyakumari are nestled near these historical spots. So, the travelers can enjoy the comfortable accommodation and check out these historical spots with ease.

Places to Visit near Budget Hotels in Kanyakumari

Have you planned for your summer vacation? Excited to explore a fascination destination of the country? Yes, then it is essential to pack your bags to Kanyakumari with your beloved ones. Kanyakumari, the most happening city is visited by more than thousands of international tourists across the world. This ancient city is famous for its gleeful carnivals, beach resorts, delicious fish curries, picturesque spots and much more. Tourists who are eager to enjoy the holiday destination have to step into any of the dazzling Kanyakumari hotels near beach.

These beach hotels offer a relaxed environment for the travelers to enjoy and play in the backwaters of the beach. Apart from beaches, there are number of places to visit in Kanyakumari and they are explained in the following:

Swamithoppe is a small village that is located in the southeast of Nagercoil. This tourist place is also known as Poovandanthoppe by the people of the Kanyakumari city. It is believed that the name Swamithoppe is used in the holy book of Ayyavazhi religion. In this village, the Ayyavazhi religion was founded in the 19th century. Tourists should ensure to check out this tourist place as it is loaded with lot of historical facts.

Situated in the southern district of Kanyakumari, Suchindram is a temple town that is famous for its Thanumalayan Temple. Suchindram is mainly dedicated to three deities such as Ayan- Brahma, Maal- Vishnu and Sthanu Shiva. This is a famous pilgrim centre that is visited by devotees and tourists during the festival season. In order to offer comfort for the travelers, there are many impressive budget hotels in Kanyakumari established in and around the city. These hotels ensure to provide good accommodation at economical rates.

St. Xavier's Church Kottar
If you are eager to get the blessings of the holy god, then step into the St. Xavier'’s Church located in Kottar Kanyakumari district. This church was established in the year of 1540. People from all parts of the country would gather in the St. Xavier'’s Church to attend the annual festival that is celebrated during November-December. Tourists can view the holy church from any of the hotels in Kanyakumari. This is because the church'’s building holds a tall structure with large space for the people to worship the Almighty.

Padmanabhapuram Palace
Padmanabhapuram Palace, located in Padmanabhapuram of Kanyakumari district is a beautiful tourist destination in the country. This palace symbolizes the rich and diverse cultural heritage of India. Padmanabhapuram is a capital city of kingdom of Travancore that is placed at just 35 km from the Kanyakumari hotels. Tourists should definitely visit the palace with their friends and family. It is believed that the old palace is one of the best examples of traditional Kerala architecture. After you visit, you will feel mesmerized and never want to come out of the royal palace.

Courtallam Falls
A visit to the Courtallam Falls would enable the people to explore the surrounding areas to a great extent. These popular waterfalls will be crowded with huge number of tourists during the summer vacation. Tourists who are planning to enjoy in the Courtallam falls has to book the elegant hotels in Kanyakumari in advance. During the holiday season, you won'’t able to avail the hotels and so booking in advance is always better.

Thus, the tourist attractions in Kanyakumari would offer a memorable experience in your summer vacation. Don'’t miss the golden opportunity to explore these tourist places in the city.

Temples Near The Hotels in Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari, one of the most prominent tourist destinations is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. The city is known for its rich history and cultural heritage that is practised over the ancient period. Tourists from different parts of the world visit the destination to explore the hidden facts of the ancient city. There are many accommodation options available for the domestic and international travelers like budget hotels, tourist lodges and 3 star hotels in Kanyakumari.

These luxury hotels in Kanyakumari are situated in the perfect place which ensures to give a decent view of the city and the sea. Kanyakumari is also a favorite destination among the religious travelers across the world. Travelling to the heritage city will enable the people to find many religions like Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and more. Let us have a quick glance at some of the popular temples located near the Kanyakumari hotels:

Kumari Amman Temple
Popularly known as Kanyakumari Temple, Kumari Amman Temple is located on the edge of the ocean. This ancient temple was initially constructed by the Pandya Kings in the 8th century and later renovated by Vijayanagar, Chola and Nayaka rulers. Kumari Amman Temple holds a total of 11 theethams associated with the temple in the ocean. Most of the tourists would visit the destination to check out the diamond nose ring of the diety. Near the temple, there are many renowned Kanyakumari hotels established for the pilgrim visitors to stay and get the shrine from the Goddess.

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple
One of the most famous temples in the Kanyakumari district is Thiruchendur Murugan Temple. This Hindu temple is also referred by many names such as Thiruchenthil, Thirucheeralaivai and Thiruchenthiyoor. It is believed that the Murugan temple has devotees from various parts of the country. During the festival season, the tourists should ensure to book the prominent Kanyakumari hotels near temple as to feel comfortable in worshipping the Goddess.

Lord Subramanya Temple
Lord Subramanya Temple, located at 34 km from Kanyakumari is a temple dedicated to Lord Subramaya. Also known as Aruppai Veedu, the beautiful temple was constructed during the 17th century and later renovated in the year of 1983. The temple authorities ensure to conduct a number of festivals in the Lord Subramanya Temple. At that time, various travel and extra accommodation facilities are arranged for the travelers. Some of the budget hotels in Kanyakumari are situated near the temple. These hotels offer a good accommodation with all modern amenities. Tourists are allowed to visit the temple from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Maruthuvazh Malai
Maruthuvazh Malai is a famous spot that is rich in unique native medicinal plants and life saving herbs. It is exactly placed at just 7 km from the Kanyakumari hotels. Tourists who are on the way to visit other tourist attractions can check out this hill and gain lot of information. This hill has been mentioned in the book named "“Sri Pada Sri Vallbha Charithamrutham" during the 13th century.


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Local Sightseeing near Kanyakumari Hotels

Kanyakumari is the one of the favorite tourist destinations
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